An Uncommon Cooking &
Dining Experience with Julie’s Cooking Creations

Julies Cooking CreationsJulie Seidlitz, Julie’s Cooking Creations mastermind, is fascinated by food and how food connects people to each other. Self-taught in the kitchen but with a background in adult education, Julie has brought her passion for food and people to kitchens around Milwaukee to teach others how to cook, and better enjoy their dining experience.

Goals of Julie’s Cooking Creations:

  • Meet new people with an interest in food.
  • Provide people with an opportunity to learn & dine with other interested learners – fun, respectful & tasty!
  • Focus on food, sharing food and sharing about each other.
  • Classes focus on techniques, cuisines, approaches, accessible ingredients, good nutrition & people.
  • Help people to have more fun in the kitchen.
  • Be able to confidently prepare recipes at home.

Join Julie for one of her mouth-watering cooking classes today!

Julie's Cooking Creations